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There's always another path to take, a new direction you can choose on your journey through your life.  But if you don't ever choose, you can't ever know...

Award Winning Author

Hi, I'm J.P. Osterman, Research Scientist and author of:

The Screaming Stone, Pete's Crossroad, Corporate Revenge, Cosmic Rift, First Communication, Battlefield Matrix, and Dimension Mind...

 The Screaming Stone, my young-adult novel is now available for purchase in ebook format and in paperback through Amazon.  This novel takes place in 1969, after the moon landing, and has a little twist of fantasy.  The McCarten family first settled in the Three Oaks, Michigan area in the early 1800s.  My great-grandfather, Thomas McCarten, emigrated from Ontario, Canada to Michigan to help his brother Daniel McCarten with a saw mill businessl.  They were processing lumber to build Chicago.  Decades later, my Irish grandparents passed down Thomas and Daniel's legacy to me.  They were fantastic storytellers, and I've interwoven some of their Irish legends into The Screaming Stone. They've been gone from this world for decades, but their stories and voices are indelible in my heart and soul.  I hope you'll enjoy meeting Grandpa and Grandma in, The Screaming Stone.  If you look closely at the above video, way in the distance, my grandparents are waiting for me to join them at the dunes in Lakeside, Michigan!


People say that a good story that sells.  I tried to deliver just that!


As I wrote the book, I asked: How do members of families reconnect after experiencing hardships or trauma?


The answer? Doing things together. There's nothing like beginning a new project to reconnect with someone, right?


That's one of the many themes in The Screaming Stone, set on a small midwestern farm in southern Michigan.


Marcie, Robbie and Frankie are three kids looking for something to do to...

And like my Grandma Anne used to tell me, "Joycie, you're a mischievous one," Marcie is too.  As I used to get into a bit of trouble myself, so does Marcy, but oh does she also have fun!


Check out The Screaming Stone.  That first few pages are gripping!


I was a reader and writer throughout my youth.  I graduated from University of San Diego with a B.A. in English (with an emphasis in writing) and later a Master’s degree from Azusa Pacific University.  In the early 1990s, I met Ray Bradbury who inspired me to write science fiction.  "I felt that something strange and wonderful had happened to me because of my encounter with Mr. Bradbury, he gave me a future...I began to write every day.”   


In addition to The Screaming Stone, I have written six other novels, mostly science fiction: from exploring Mars, to spacefolding to an ancient alien world.  I have won several awards, including the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award at the seminal Maui Writers Conference for her sci-fi novel, The Matter Stream, the only sci-fi novel to ever win the award. I am transforming The Matter Stream into the Nelta Series of novels. 


I  also won First Place for my play, "The Man Next" which was subsequently published in the San Diego Writer’s Monthly magazine.  Last year I transformed the play into my novel Pete's Crossroad. Click on my list of works above and go to Pete's Crossroad to see a fun little video (I was only 2 years old then) of my Hungarian grandfather on my Dad's side, George Pink, who the main character was modeled after. 


As a serious Science Fiction author focused on future space travel, I became an Independent Research Scientist studying the laws that govern space and issues relating to space travel, exploration, and colonization of Mars and exoplanets.  In addition to the physics of long distance space travel, I studied the necessary computational theories to control the physics of space travel and extreme time/space compression, including: optical quantum computing, quantum communication, and AI Computer intelligence reaching well beyond the “Singularity,” with organic, quantum-level, human neural interface and exchange (NIE).


Writing a book is the art of listening and watching.

J.P. Osterman