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Go Fishing Day Do you like to fish?  Or, what if you don't fish?  This day could be a step for you to take to get some needed rest and relaxation.  But first, let's go fishing... On June 18, you can dig up your dusty or spider-dabbed fishing rods, reels, and lures out of storage and seek out a lake or river and just go fishing.  Yes, it's the day when we can take a rest from all our hard work and cares to escape into the beauty of nature.  Where I live, around Melbourne, Florida, there are several fishing spots within easy driving distance for you to get some much needed recuperative rest.  First, there's the ocean, and each city and town nestled on the beach appears to have a nice long pier off of which you can fish and even make an acquaintance or two.  Just click on this link, and you'll find fascinating locations where you can take all your equipment and have a refreshing adventure and even the opportunity to taste the local food: fishing piers in Brevard County  .  If you're not an ocean person, follow this link to discover the many tranquil lakes and waterways wherein you can caste your fishing rod, or fly fishing pole, and have a great time: Things to do in Brevard County . You might ask now, What if I don't fish?  Hey, feel free to take a nice easy drive to one of these sites and enjoy the food, natural wonders, birds, manatees, and sunsets.  You won't regret having your own unique "fishing day."  After all, on this day, isn't it what we make of it? Bye for now, care for yourselves, and have a wonderful, fantastic, exquisite, restful Fishing Day. J.P. Osterman

About Brevard County, Florida:

Brevard County is better known locally as the Space Coast with historic Cape Canaveral - where America’s exploration of the universe began - and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took the first steps on their historic journey to the moon. 


It is located in east Central Florida 45-minutes from Orlando and half way between Miami and Jacksonville.


Discover a place where adventures are made, pristine shores are abundant and nature is close at hand. Lose the traffic, the city noise and the crowd, and discover the perfect vacation. Witness nesting sea turtles, beautiful sunrises, and warm, breezy weather.

Florida's Space Coast is where adventure awaits! We have over 72 miles of beach along Florida's Atlantic coast, where it's easy to find your space in the sand, claim it as your own and soak up the sun! When you're not working on your tan or learning how to surf the waves in Cocoa or Melbourne Beach, you can visit some of the most unspoiled pristine natural habitats Florida has to offer.  Kayaking in the Indian River Lagoon or Turkey Creek Sanctuary and exploring the Kennedy Space Center - or launching on a cruise headed for the Caribbean.   


If you are in the Aerospace Industry and are looking for a new job - Brevard County is the place to look.  Several thousand new positions have opened in the last few months to support our growing space and aerospace companies.

If you love to shop and dine, spend the day in historic Cocoa Village or downtown Titusville, shop the new Avenue Viera, or take a casual stroll through the quaint streets of downtown Melbourne.  Florida's Space Coast is also home to one of the highest rated zoo's in the country, the Brevard Zoo.  


Author J.P. at Three:

J.P. at Three

By the way, this is a photo of me when I was three years old.  Cool, huh!  I was at my grandparents' farm in Hannah, Indiana.  That's where I used to spend many weekends and vacations...looking for arrowheads, planting, picking fresh veggies, and enjoying Nature.  I called this place...home.  You might notice that I encorporate much of this space and many childhood "objects" in my writing.  Hey, it's called Object Relations theory and Attachment Theory.  We make meaning and try to put everything we experience into context.  Yep, I'm a bit of a contextualist as well.


Last week, we discovered Castaway Park.  We walked around and talked with some locals. Melbourne, what a friendly city!

Book and short story links:

Just released!  Commuter Collection is life at the edge, with a sweet twist of sci-fi. Many stories are Florida based!  If you like short stories, here's a compilation of over thirty years of short stories, some award winning, so enjoy!  Just follow the links to Amazon: Buy Commuter Collection.






Nineteen-year-old genius June Merk is a six-generation Martian with a neurological gift she’s been keeping secret.  Can she refine her special abilities in time to save her trapped father and help her fellow citizens when the Earthens invade Olympus Mons City?


This new short story is a must read!

Lisa Simmons and Kent Johnson are astronauts who encounter awakening aliens on a rogue drifting planet.  Can they help save galaxies?  Or will they end up casualties of 

The Rip?

Now available at Amazon!

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My first granddaughter, Rachel Marie, to whom I've dedicated Commuter Collection.
A little lizard hopped on my welcome sign. Cool!
Always take time to stop and smell the flowers.
I had so much fun meeting friends and sharing my stories.
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