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J.P. Osterman's writing career:

J.P. Osterman has a heart for science-fiction.  She won the prestigious Rupert Hughes Award at the Maui Writers’ Conference for her novel, The Matter Stream, the only sci-fi book ever to win the award.  J.P. is one of five finalists for the 2015 Patrick D. Smith Literary Award for her sci-fi story, "Winter Retrieval."  Outside her realm of sci-fi, she ventures into mainstream fiction.  Her one-act play, The Man Next to Me, won First Place at the Southern California Writers’ Conference. She subsequently transformed the award-winning play into her novel Pete’s Crossroad.  Thirty years in the making, she recently compiled and released an anthology of her short stories entitled: Commuter Collection: Short Stories from the Edge.  Many of the stories are Florida based.


J.P. has written eight novels, primarily science fiction, from exploring Mars in Cosmic Rift, to spacefolding to an ancient alien world in First Communication (Book I, The Nelta Series,), Battlefield Matrix (Book II), and Astrocity Sagan (Book III).  Her other novels include: The Screaming Stone, and, Corporate Revenge.  She co-wrote a play with Richard Mariani, Salt and Sand Never Tasted Better, published in the anthology, Love and Rockets.  She wrote "Seeding Planet D" for the Space Coast Writers' Guild's Perseverance short-story collection.  "Blood Sisters" for the Guild's Friends book, "Starlighters Mission-1" for Spring, and "Gratitude for Blue" for the Guild's Gratitude book.


She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in English (Emphasis in Writing) from the University of San Diego, and received her Master’s Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific University.   She is currently Secretary of the Space Coast Writers Guild, and a member of Brevard Scribblers, a critique group.

Book and short story links:

Just released!  Commuter Collection is life at the edge, with a sweet twist of sci-fi. Many stories are Florida based!  If you like short stories, here's a compilation of over thirty years of short stories, some award winning, so enjoy!  Just follow the links to Amazon: Buy Commuter Collection.






Nineteen-year-old genius June Merk is a six-generation Martian with a neurological gift she’s been keeping secret.  Can she refine her special abilities in time to save her trapped father and help her fellow citizens when the Earthens invade Olympus Mons City?


This new short story is a must read!

Lisa Simmons and Kent Johnson are astronauts who encounter awakening aliens on a rogue drifting planet.  Can they help save galaxies?  Or will they end up casualties of 

The Rip?

Now available at Amazon!

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My first granddaughter, Rachel Marie, to whom I've dedicated Commuter Collection.
A little lizard hopped on my welcome sign. Cool!
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I had so much fun meeting friends and sharing my stories.
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