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The Screaming Stone -- Meet mischievous Marcie, part of a family with large secrets. Trying to make sense of her changing mother, Marcie looks to her cousin Robbie and for direction. After dead Uncle Charlie’s funeral, they embark on a quest to find answers to questions that have puzzled their family since the Civil War. Sifting through lies, secrets and Irish folk tales, Marcie believes “The Screaming Stone” contains the magic to uncover the truth and lead them to the hidden treasure.

You’ll have to read “The Screaming Stone” to find out what treasure Marcie, Robbie and Frankie really find.


Now available from Amazon in both soft cover and and Kindle eBook version from Amazon.com.  Enjoy this historical fiction novel!


Cosmic Rift -- An action-packed, science fiction story filled with threats to our universe.  Commander Steve Strunk awakens from a 50 year deep-space hypersleep and finds himself at the edge of the universe with his beautiful companion, Elizabeth Beals.  A glitch in their supercomputer matrix foils their mission and drops them into a glowing quadrant of the Deep Field.  A cosmic puzzle is unfolding...a real Cosmic Rift!  Can Strunk and Beals fix their relationship and The Rift before catastrophe strikes in the univers?


Available at Amazon.com

Corporate Revenge


FIRED – Tim Westman, VP Marketing and Sales.  When Ryder Technology Inc. (RTI) fires Rae Anne Westman’s husband, Tim, Rae Anne decides to do the unthinkable: Infiltrate Ryder and seek revenge for the wrongs Corporate commited against her family.  The executives are all engaged in illegal activities, everything from fraud and money laundering to theft of intellectual property.  The high-tech world is like navigating a hostile land mine in Corporate Revenge.  Can Rae Ann win against them?


NOW available at Amazon.

Dimension Mind

Dimension Mind:  A Theory of Consciousness


J.P. Osterman formulates a theory connecting two scientific worlds that don't talk to each other. Indeed, Dimension Mind posits a melding of psychology, string theory and quantum mechanics that could hold the answers to achieving personal well-being, wholeness and explain the human mind.


Now available at Amazon in Kindle format.

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Just released!  Commuter Collection is life at the edge, with a sweet twist of sci-fi. Many stories are Florida based!  If you like short stories, here's a compilation of over thirty years of short stories, some award winning, so enjoy!  Just follow the links to Amazon: Buy Commuter Collection.






Nineteen-year-old genius June Merk is a six-generation Martian with a neurological gift she’s been keeping secret.  Can she refine her special abilities in time to save her trapped father and help her fellow citizens when the Earthens invade Olympus Mons City?


This new short story is a must read!

Lisa Simmons and Kent Johnson are astronauts who encounter awakening aliens on a rogue drifting planet.  Can they help save galaxies?  Or will they end up casualties of 

The Rip?

Now available at Amazon!

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My first granddaughter, Rachel Marie, to whom I've dedicated Commuter Collection.
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