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Another Bible-based Book is in the Works.  For now, see my latest releases....

My newest story "The Mons Genius" is now available.


What might life look like on bustling Mars in 2564?

Nineteen-year-old genius June Merk has a neurological gift she’s been keeping secret.  Can she refine her special abilities in time to save her trapped dad, and help her fellow panicking Martians when the Earthens invade Olympus Mons City?

Enjoy 366 days of inspiration and stories in God Designed.  Meet Bible characters in a new light as I navigate through scripture to bring you encouragement, inspiration and hope in your walk with God.


God Designed: 366 Days of Inspiration

I have compiled a collected work of my short stories,


The Commuter Collection,


You can read one of these stories "The Man Next to Me" at Amazon for only $.99 as a preview! 

Current Project

For over 20 years I have been working on a  collection  of science fiction novels entitled:

The Nelta series.

Book I, First Communication, and 

Book II, Battlefield Matrix are now available at Amazon.com.

They are now available in both soft cover and Kindle formats form through Amazon.com.  I'm almost done editing Book III in the Nelta Series.

Meanwhile, I expanded my one act play, The Man Next to Me, into my most recent novelPete's Crossroad.

Pete's Crossroad is action-adventure, with a twist of romance.

Have you ever sat next to someone and that person just can't stop talking?  In Pete's Crossroad, that happens to Pete Turner.

An old man, George, sits next to him.  He's estranged from his son and grandchildren but on his way to Albuquerque to make amends.  The unexpected happens, and Pete finds himself at a crossroad: do I keep a spur-of-the-moment promise, or simply walk away?

Robert Frost once stood at a crossroad and chose one path without having any regrets. But life isn’t always that way.

Read Pete's Crossroad to find out what path Pete takes.

The eBook version is available at:  Amazon for Kindle.

Oh, and write me after you check out my short story.  I publish one almost every week - just click on the Mini-Blog button at the top of the page!




Book and short story links:

Just released!  Commuter Collection is life at the edge, with a sweet twist of sci-fi. Many stories are Florida based!  If you like short stories, here's a compilation of over thirty years of short stories, some award winning, so enjoy!  Just follow the links to Amazon: Buy Commuter Collection.






Nineteen-year-old genius June Merk is a six-generation Martian with a neurological gift she’s been keeping secret.  Can she refine her special abilities in time to save her trapped father and help her fellow citizens when the Earthens invade Olympus Mons City?


This new short story is a must read!

Lisa Simmons and Kent Johnson are astronauts who encounter awakening aliens on a rogue drifting planet.  Can they help save galaxies?  Or will they end up casualties of 

The Rip?

Now available at Amazon!

If you have always wanted to ask me something, just write and I'll reply!


eMail   Jposterman001@gmail.com

My first granddaughter, Rachel Marie, to whom I've dedicated Commuter Collection.
A little lizard hopped on my welcome sign. Cool!
Always take time to stop and smell the flowers.
I had so much fun meeting friends and sharing my stories.
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